Top 50 Blogs on the Housing Crisis

Published by admin on December 14, 2010

If you are involved with construction management, you know that across the country, the housing crisis slowed things down. Ever since the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis, things have slowed down in the housing sector of the economy. (It is worth noting that some analysts date the start of the housing crisis in late 2006 or sometime in 2007 — well before the financial crisis.) Real estate sales, mortgage applications and construction starts are all down. With credit tight, it is hard for people to get approved for mortgage loans. On top of that, the housing crisis has prompted many to think the advisability of home ownership.

The housing crisis has had far-reaching effects on the economy. Construction is not the only segment affected by the housing market crisis. If you are interested in learning more about the housing crisis, and what is happening in the world of real estate, here are 50 blogs covering the housing crisis [click to continue…]

The construction industry is one that has changed dramatically in recent years. For several years, we had a housing boon, which allowed the construction industry to flourish, and created plenty of careers in the field. In recent years, due to the housing slump and poor economy, construction companies and executives have really had to prove their business savvy in order to stay on top. Here are some companies and organizations that have provide a lot of information on construction via Twitter. If you’re in construction, these are organizations you should follow.

  1. AE Construction Managers: Kingscott Associates is an architectural, engineering, interior design and planning firm.
  2. C Managers: C Managers is a construction firm in Los Angeles, who also conducts construction industry research. Follow this Twitter page to keep up with trends in the industry and other important data you need to know.
  3. Reed Construction Data: Reed Construction Data is a firm outside Atlanta that provides national, regional and local construction industry project, cost, product & economic information and services. This is a great company to follow to keep up with trends in the construction industry.
  4. UK Construction: Follow this company in the UK to keep up with building trends there to see how they differ from issues in the United States.
  5. Con Exec: Con Exec is a publication designed for construction executives. They provide information and perspective on construction industry news and trends. They are one of the most followed construction Tweeters, with over 14,000 followers. They offer information on financial and cost information related to the construction industry, too.
  6. 8 Gen: 8 Gen is a construction company in Singapore who use sustainable materials for construction and renovation.
  7. Construction News: Keep up with all the news from the construction industry by following this Twitter page.
  8. Construction Writers: These guys have to know what’s going on in the construction industry, because they write about it all the time. They are part of the Construction Writers Association which is part of the larger AEC Journalism organization.
  9. Turner Construction: Turner Construction is a full service construction firm in Somerset, New Jersey, specializing in construction and pre construction commercial services for healthcare and sports facilities.
  10. Riggins Construction: Located in Santa Ana, California, Riggins Construction is a commercial general contracting firm.
  11. My Construction: My Construction is a great resource page on Twitter. They offer a directory of construction professionals. You can not only get listed here, but use it as a resource when you need outside help with a project.
  12. My Terex: This organization writes about news and trends, designed specifically for those who work in the construction industry. Following their Tweets is a great way to stay in touch. When subjects that are of significant interest to you come up, you can read more in depth about them on their web page.
  13. Lindus Construction: This is the Twitter page of a large residential construction and remodeling firm serving Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  14. Titus Constructs: Titus Constructs is a premier construction management firm in in Oklahoma City.
  15. Burgin Construction: Follow this large residential construction and remodeling company in Orange County, California.
  16. Miron Construction: This construction firm in Neenah Wisconsin specializes in construction management, but provides a lot of information on Twitter.
  17. Atlas Construction: This firm in Hawaii is a general building contractor for residential home building.
  18. Aedi Green: Aedi Green is a Massachusetts construction company focusing on building healthy living environments that are resource and energy efficient to help society move towards sustainability. Their tweets focus on green products and environmental issues surrounding construction.

By following these construction companies and publications, you’re sure to stay abreast of everything you need to know in the field of construction. Keeping abreast of trends, products and problems is a great way to keep your business growing and keep your people informed of all they need to know on a day to day basis. And, with Twitter, you can keep up with all the news in a quick and easy to use format that travels with you all day.

7 Little Known Ways to Improve a Home's Value

Published by James on April 06, 2010

The wealth of most Americans is locked away in four walls and a lawn.  Owning your own home is the truest sense of the American dream, cure and is an investment that if managed properly will provide your family financial security for years to come.  As more and more Americans watch the value of their home plummet with each passing day, nurse improving the value of your home is paramount to ensuring this source of wealth will survive the country’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Here are seven little known ways to improve your home’s value:

1.  Install new hardware:  door knobs, recipe cabinet knobs, faucets—for home owners on a budget, installing new hardware is the simplest, most effective way at improving your homes value.  Hardware accents rooms, and gives bare cabinets and worn doors  a clean, luxury look.
2.  Mirror your walls:  mirrors accentuate the light in a room to make them warm, inviting, and more attractive.

3.  Ensure your doors and windows open smoothly.  Use paraffin wax for lubrication.

4.  Study the neighborhood: access the value of you home by examining the home sales of properties in your area.  Judge the value of a new kitchen, etc by looking for comparable properties that sold in your neighborhood with a new kitchen.

5.  Organize:  buyers are attracted to homes that are organizer-friendly.  Install garage cabinets, closet systems, and shelving to set your home apart.

6.  Remodel your kitchen:  families and couples alike spend a majority of their time while at home in the kitchen.  Remodel to give your kitchen a spacious, clean feel.  For the added touch, update your appliances.

7.  Use fluorescent light in bathrooms to give them a clean, invigorating feel.  Adding a glass shower door, towel racks, and fixtures will further improve the your bathrooms appeal.

Overall, buyers want a house that is put together well, with fine but not extravagant detail.  Achieve this and you will be on your way to increasing your home’s value.

7 Twitter Users Every DIY Home Restorer Should Follow

Published by admin on January 26, 2010

The do-it-yourself spirit is a beautiful one and it lurks in every red blooded male. You only have to stoke it, check take your wife’s permission, online and you’re on your way to exploring your rugged creative self. The great thing is that the urge to do something with our hands – particularly to our homes, see affects all of us from the “sharpest tool in the box” to the “empty attic”. We’ve decided to help you broaden the scope of your information on DIY home restoration and also network with guys that have lived through to recount achievements similar to yours notwithstanding the fall from the ladder and the windows installed crooked.

Here are 7 Twitter users that every DIY home restorer should follow.

1. DIYNetwork – This is the twitter page of perhaps the most elaborate DIY network on the net. The tweets inform you on what’s the latest project that can be of interest to you. Does your home have a garage? Are you looking for some creative DIY projects to do in the garage in the winter or would you rather waterproof the basement? Find links to projects and elaborate how-to videos on weather-sealing doors, repairing a loose carpet sea, installing a wall safe and much more.

2. FixTheHome – Tweets here lead to informative articles on home remodeling. The twitterer is not averse to retweeting good posts on the subject. A good way for you to get exposure if you have a site of your own. Plus, the site provides information on the best contractors out there; a nice way to cover that very remote possibility of something going wrong with your project and then having to turn to professional help.

3. HGTVPro – The tweets on the HGTVPro page cover all aspects of home remodeling. DIYourselfers can learn from the experience and insight of professional home builders on various best practices. Learn about the right tools for the job, the best ways to save money, and how to get it right the first time round itself. The tweets lead to idea-filled articles that are sure to fire your desire to pick up that long-neglected project of setting up a water-saving toilet.

4. ThisOldHouse – Official Twitter account for If you’ve watched the Emmy-award winning television series then you know what to expect. The planning and ideas and the how-to and repair categories contain enough material to satisfy the knock-down and tear-apart urges of the most thoroughbred DIY champ.

5. ImproveYourHomeHome improvement and landscaping-related tweets here. You learn about new products and services related to home improvement. Perhaps the best thing about the tweets here is that they focus on eco-friendliness and using green products. You can also get your home improvement projects featured on their site.

6. houserepairtalk – Follow the tweets to a cool house repair forum where experienced DIY home repair enthusiasts meet to exchange ideas, commend, and commiserate. Brick-work, insulation, foundation, lawns, everything is covered in the timely tweets here.

7. NYTimes Home/Garden – Covers all things home and garden related including home repair. Tweets on well-thought of articles that will help the DIY guy think laterally, get ideas, and very importantly the superb content on the New York Times site will appeal to women too and will aid you in getting a buy-in of your better half for your home repair projects.

There’s basically no end to what you can do to spruce up your home and make it more live-worthy. Following these twitterers is going to make DIY home restorations that much more fun. Plus, there are ideas galore about the most appropriate home improvements for your budget and locality so that you will get you the best returns if you decide to put up your home for sale.