What's the Average Salary With a Masters in Construction Management?

A master’s degree in construction management plus work experience can land you jobs as construction managers in construction or construction management companies. Construction managers can operate under job titles such as project managers, cialis constructors, construction superintendents, project engineers, etc. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 61% of the construction managers in America are self-employed. A large number of these are master’s degree holders.

You can seek a master’s in construction management even if you have a bachelor’s in an unrelated field. There are more than 600,000 construction managers in the U.S and inspite of the economic slowdown the overall job prospects look good. The specialty trade contractor business employs the maximum, 11 %, of the construction managers. Your salary with a master’s degree in construction management with less than one year experience is around $53K. You can expect to earn in the mid sixties with five to nine years of experience. Your salary will vary with the sites you work on such as industrial, residential, commercial, civil, and institutional. Large companies that take on major construction contracts are good paymasters. The best chances of drawing a relatively high salary are to work with a company that employs between 5K and 20K people.

The place of employment is a major factor that can affect salaries in this line of work. There isn’t much to segregate cities such as New York, Seattle, and Houston which offer salaries in the low sixties. However, Los Angeles stands head and shoulders above the other cities in terms of the average salary stakes. The average salary there is for master’s degree holders is around $78K, which corresponds to a work experience of at least ten years.

Working for the state and local government can pay better than being employed by a college or university.

Online Master's Degrees in Construction & Project Management

Liberty University
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MS in Management
MBA in Intl. Management
Liberty University – The Liberty University offers a variety of management degrees, including the MA in Management & Leadership, MS in Management, and MBA in International Management. Graduates learn how to become effective business leaders through a curriculum that covers finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, business legal issues and non-profit management.
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Kaplan University
MS in Project Management
MBA in Project Management
Kaplan University – The Kaplan University MS in Management - Project Management includes a curriculum designed around assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects. Students analyze theories, develop critical skills, examine organizational finance and human resources, and design a project. The MBA in Project Management trains students to analyze and streamline complex procedures into effective project plans.
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Walden University
MS in Project Management
MBA in Project Management
Walden University – The MS in Project Management and MBA in Project Management at Walden University is designed for professionals who seeks advanced studies in project management. Students gain analytical, theoretical, and practical skills, focus on traditional management tools, learn to manage risk, all in a distance learning format.
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