Scholarships and College Grants for Construction Management Students

Construction management students are well-cared for as far as their college funding needs are concerned. There are enough and more sources of financial aid out there and getting scholarships and college grants should not be a problem for construction management students that start researching early and systematically.

Grants are available in different flavors and do not have to be directly related to your field. You should check out aid available for all the streams that come under the building industry. The government – federal and state, healing are the largest grant providers and their online resources provide ample information on all types of grants, medicine conditions attached to them, deadlines, etc.
There are many professional organizations related to the construction industry across America and these promote education in a big way. Some of these have a national presence while others are state-based and aid construction management students affiliated to a particular university or college. The Jerry Junkins Construction Management Scholarship Fund is meant to encourage students enrolled at the Dallas County Community College District.

The National Housing Endowment, which manages the philanthropic activities of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), operates scholarship programs for graduate and undergraduate students studying construction and allied fields. These scholarships are open to members of the NAHB student chapters all over America.

An example of a local organization running a scholarship is the Central Washington Home Builders Association that offers the CWHBA Cliff Tanasse Scholarship. There are numerous such organizations that support students and you should be aware of the ones in your area. It is possible that some of these organizations require prior membership.

The Associated General Contractors of America manage scholarships for graduates and undergraduates in construction management. You can check with the local chapter of this organization for further details.

Online Master's Degrees in Construction & Project Management

Liberty University
MA in Management
MS in Management
MBA in Intl. Management
Liberty University – The Liberty University offers a variety of management degrees, including the MA in Management & Leadership, MS in Management, and MBA in International Management. Graduates learn how to become effective business leaders through a curriculum that covers finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, business legal issues and non-profit management.
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Kaplan University
MS in Project Management
MBA in Project Management
Kaplan University – The Kaplan University MS in Management - Project Management includes a curriculum designed around assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects. Students analyze theories, develop critical skills, examine organizational finance and human resources, and design a project. The MBA in Project Management trains students to analyze and streamline complex procedures into effective project plans.
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Walden University
MS in Project Management
MBA in Project Management
Walden University – The MS in Project Management and MBA in Project Management at Walden University is designed for professionals who seeks advanced studies in project management. Students gain analytical, theoretical, and practical skills, focus on traditional management tools, learn to manage risk, all in a distance learning format.
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