Top 50 Blogs on the Housing Crisis

Published by admin on December 14, 2010

If you are involved with construction management, you know that across the country, the housing crisis slowed things down. Ever since the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis, things have slowed down in the housing sector of the economy. (It is worth noting that some analysts date the start of the housing crisis in late 2006 or sometime in 2007 — well before the financial crisis.) Real estate sales, mortgage applications and construction starts are all down. With credit tight, it is hard for people to get approved for mortgage loans. On top of that, the housing crisis has prompted many to think the advisability of home ownership.

The housing crisis has had far-reaching effects on the economy. Construction is not the only segment affected by the housing market crisis. If you are interested in learning more about the housing crisis, and what is happening in the world of real estate, here are 50 blogs covering the housing crisis:

Housing Crisis Blogs

A number of blogs sprang up in the wake of the bursting of the housing bubble in the United States. Here are some of the blogs that grew up out of the housing crisis.

  1. The Mortgage Lender Implode-O-Meter: This blog covers the implosions of lending operations, as well as offering housing crisis news.
  2. Hanley Wood Construction offers a look at what is happening in the world of the housing crisis.
  3. Housing Crisis: The Huffington Post offers an entire section on the latest news related to the housing crisis.
  4. Dr. Housing Bubble: A look at the housing bubble, and news on the housing crisis.
  5. Subprime Blogger: News on the housing crisis, what’s next, and information on what happened with the subprime crisis.
  6. Mortgage Crisis: offers ongoing coverage of the mortgage crisis.
  7. Housing Doom: This site offers information on the housing crisis.
  8. Bubble Meter: Provides information, news and commentary on the housing crisis.
  9. Paper Economy – A US Real Estate Bubble Blog: Looks at the recent housing crisis and what’s still happening in the decline of real estate.
  10. Covers the continuing housing crisis.
  11. Southern California Real Estate Bubble Crash Blog: A look at what’s going on in Southern California. Great regional crisis blog.
  12. Boston Bubble: Another great region based blog, this one looking at news relevant mainly to Boston.
  13. Portland Housing Blog: Continuing look at the housing crisis, and how it affects Portland.
  14. Flippers in Trouble: An interesting site that chronicles what’s happening in Sacramento.
  15. Northern Virginia Housing Bubble Fallout: A look at the latest housing crisis news from out of northern Virginia.
  16. Clouded Outlook: Find out what is happening as far as Britain’s housing crisis is concerned. A look at the U.K. housing bubble.

Mortgage and Real Estate Blogs

Plenty of mortgage blogs and real estate blogs covered the bursting of the housing bubble. Today, these blogs still cover issues related to the housing market crisis, and comment on current conditions and efforts to fix the problem.

  1. The Mortgage Reports: One of the best blogs out there on mortgages. Includes information on the housing crisis as well as helpful information on mortgages in general.
  2. Mortgage News Daily: Information, headlines and more related to mortgages — including the latest on the housing crisis.
  3. Mortgage Fraud Blog: Takes a look at the latest in mortgage fraud. Also looks at housing crisis related news, and provides valuable consumer information.
  4. Lenderama: Looks at different mortgage related issues, and offers headlines and commentary on the latest housing crisis developments.
  5. Matrix: A great blog on the real estate economy, including what is happening in the aftermath of the real estate bubble.
  6. The Notorious R.O.B.: Looks at housing issues, real estate, and offers insight and commentary on what is happening now.
  7. Wanna Network Real Estate & Mortgage Industry Blog: A good look at what is happening in real estate, and where the housing market is headed.
  8. A real estate blog that offers insight into what’s next.
  9. FHA Mortgage Blog: A look at FHA loans, as well as information related to the housing crisis.
  10. Mortgages Unzipped: Zillow offers a blog about mortgages. Helpful for consumers, and includes some of the latest news on the housing crisis.
  11. Curbed: An interesting blog about real estate in major markets.
  12. The Real State Bloggers: Offers insight into the real estate market, and what is happening now.
  13. Real Blogging: This real estate blog offers a look at what is happening now with housing and real estate.
  14. Future of Real Estate Marketing: Get the future of real estate marketing, as well as news and information related to the state of the housing market, from Inman.
  15. Rain City Guide: A great blog on real estate issues and housing headlines. Focuses mainly on Seattle.
  16. News and more about real estate, especially Manhattan real estate.
  17. HomeGain Blog: News, headlines, information and commentary on what is happening with housing and real estate.
  18. Real Estate Pro Articles: A look at different housing headlines.

Economy and Finance Blogs

Because the housing market is such a big part of the United States economy, it is not surprising that many blogs devoted to the economy, as well as blogs devoted to finance, have reported on the housing crisis. Many of them still report on issues related to the housing crisis.

  1. Real Time Economics: The Wall Street Journal offers coverage of economic issues, including those related to housing.
  2. Greg Mankiw’s Blog: This well-known economist shares information and insight about various aspects of the economy.
  3. Mises Economics Blog: Headlines and commentary about different areas of the economy.
  4. Economic Crisis Blog: Looks at different factors leading up to the economic crisis. Includes information on the housing crisis.
  5. Calculated Risk: Offers headlines related to economic data, and commentary about what it means for you. Includes housing data.
  6. The Baseline Scenario: Deals with various aspects of the financial crisis, and what could be coming.
  7. Debtonation: A look at the financial crisis, including the housing crisis role.
  8. Free From Broke: This personal finance blog looks at different aspects of your finances, including housing, and how the housing crisis has affected your finances as well as the economy.
  9. Get Money Energy: This Canadian offers interesting insight on the economy, as well as posts that include commentary on the latest mortgage market and housing crisis headlines.
  10. Balance Junkie: Looks at financial markets, and how economic news affects them. Includes posts on the financial crisis and the housing crisis.
  11. PSI Blog on the Financial Crisis: Covers various issues related to the financial crisis, including housing.
  12. Bible Money Matters: In addition to Christian-based financial topics, this blog has also covered the housing market, and related financial crisis issues.
  13. Angry Bear: Economic commentary, including some thoughts on housing.
  14. The Becker-Posner Blog: Economic commentary on a variety of subjects. Housing comes up as well.
  15. CARPE DIEM: Great economics and finance blog that focuses on a variety of issues, including housing.
  16. Econbrowser: Looks at the different data related to the economy, including housing data.

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