7 Little Known Ways to Improve a Home's Value

Published by James on April 06, 2010

The wealth of most Americans is locked away in four walls and a lawn.  Owning your own home is the truest sense of the American dream, cure and is an investment that if managed properly will provide your family financial security for years to come.  As more and more Americans watch the value of their home plummet with each passing day, nurse improving the value of your home is paramount to ensuring this source of wealth will survive the country’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

Here are seven little known ways to improve your home’s value:

1.  Install new hardware:  door knobs, recipe cabinet knobs, faucets—for home owners on a budget, installing new hardware is the simplest, most effective way at improving your homes value.  Hardware accents rooms, and gives bare cabinets and worn doors  a clean, luxury look.
2.  Mirror your walls:  mirrors accentuate the light in a room to make them warm, inviting, and more attractive.

3.  Ensure your doors and windows open smoothly.  Use paraffin wax for lubrication.

4.  Study the neighborhood: access the value of you home by examining the home sales of properties in your area.  Judge the value of a new kitchen, etc by looking for comparable properties that sold in your neighborhood with a new kitchen.

5.  Organize:  buyers are attracted to homes that are organizer-friendly.  Install garage cabinets, closet systems, and shelving to set your home apart.

6.  Remodel your kitchen:  families and couples alike spend a majority of their time while at home in the kitchen.  Remodel to give your kitchen a spacious, clean feel.  For the added touch, update your appliances.

7.  Use fluorescent light in bathrooms to give them a clean, invigorating feel.  Adding a glass shower door, towel racks, and fixtures will further improve the your bathrooms appeal.

Overall, buyers want a house that is put together well, with fine but not extravagant detail.  Achieve this and you will be on your way to increasing your home’s value.

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