18 Interesting Construction Managers Worth a Follow on Twitter

Published by admin on October 19, 2010

The construction industry is one that has changed dramatically in recent years. For several years, we had a housing boon, which allowed the construction industry to flourish, and created plenty of careers in the field. In recent years, due to the housing slump and poor economy, construction companies and executives have really had to prove their business savvy in order to stay on top. Here are some companies and organizations that have provide a lot of information on construction via Twitter. If you’re in construction, these are organizations you should follow.

  1. AE Construction Managers: Kingscott Associates is an architectural, engineering, interior design and planning firm.
  2. C Managers: C Managers is a construction firm in Los Angeles, who also conducts construction industry research. Follow this Twitter page to keep up with trends in the industry and other important data you need to know.
  3. Reed Construction Data: Reed Construction Data is a firm outside Atlanta that provides national, regional and local construction industry project, cost, product & economic information and services. This is a great company to follow to keep up with trends in the construction industry.
  4. UK Construction: Follow this company in the UK to keep up with building trends there to see how they differ from issues in the United States.
  5. Con Exec: Con Exec is a publication designed for construction executives. They provide information and perspective on construction industry news and trends. They are one of the most followed construction Tweeters, with over 14,000 followers. They offer information on financial and cost information related to the construction industry, too.
  6. 8 Gen: 8 Gen is a construction company in Singapore who use sustainable materials for construction and renovation.
  7. Construction News: Keep up with all the news from the construction industry by following this Twitter page.
  8. Construction Writers: These guys have to know what’s going on in the construction industry, because they write about it all the time. They are part of the Construction Writers Association which is part of the larger AEC Journalism organization.
  9. Turner Construction: Turner Construction is a full service construction firm in Somerset, New Jersey, specializing in construction and pre construction commercial services for healthcare and sports facilities.
  10. Riggins Construction: Located in Santa Ana, California, Riggins Construction is a commercial general contracting firm.
  11. My Construction: My Construction is a great resource page on Twitter. They offer a directory of construction professionals. You can not only get listed here, but use it as a resource when you need outside help with a project.
  12. My Terex: This organization writes about news and trends, designed specifically for those who work in the construction industry. Following their Tweets is a great way to stay in touch. When subjects that are of significant interest to you come up, you can read more in depth about them on their web page.
  13. Lindus Construction: This is the Twitter page of a large residential construction and remodeling firm serving Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  14. Titus Constructs: Titus Constructs is a premier construction management firm in in Oklahoma City.
  15. Burgin Construction: Follow this large residential construction and remodeling company in Orange County, California.
  16. Miron Construction: This construction firm in Neenah Wisconsin specializes in construction management, but provides a lot of information on Twitter.
  17. Atlas Construction: This firm in Hawaii is a general building contractor for residential home building.
  18. Aedi Green: Aedi Green is a Massachusetts construction company focusing on building healthy living environments that are resource and energy efficient to help society move towards sustainability. Their tweets focus on green products and environmental issues surrounding construction.

By following these construction companies and publications, you’re sure to stay abreast of everything you need to know in the field of construction. Keeping abreast of trends, products and problems is a great way to keep your business growing and keep your people informed of all they need to know on a day to day basis. And, with Twitter, you can keep up with all the news in a quick and easy to use format that travels with you all day.

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